Jackovic Construction Company


Retail General Contractor

About Us
Jackovic Construction was formed to provide the highest level of service to clients while keeping the individuals, who allow this to happen to be rewarded for their efforts. At Jackovic Construction, all members, owners, employees, and subcontractors are aware that everyone plays a key role in making every project a success and are rewarded accordingly. 

Jackovic Construction keeps many checks and balances to assure bid completeness for their clients. Listed below is a brief description of how your project will be managed.
1. The process starts with a thorough evaluation of the project.
2. Procuring subcontractors who are qualified to perform the work.
3. Contacting local building officials to confirm lead times of permits and licenses.
4. Contacting malls and Landlords to obtain any hidden costs or pertinent information.
5. Qualification of subcontractors bids and verification of their site visit.
6. Forming a bid price detailing qualifications and exclusions so there are no surprises to the client.

All of these steps allow for efficient work flow to occur once a project has been awarded. At Jackovic Construction, we keep to the understanding that there is a solution for every problem and we guarantee we will find it to keep you 100% satisfied.