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Jackovic Construction Company is a construction

management company designed to provide

commercial retailers and real estate providers a

proffessional commercial general contractor to

manage their construction needs in the states of

Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida,

Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland,

Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New

Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North

Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode

Island, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, and



The company is based in Pittsburgh, PA and offers a high proficiency in managing retail

construction projects with a focus on budgets, schedules, and quality construction build-outs for

their client. Today the construction market offers clients unlimited choices of general

contractors, but Jackovic Construction stands out from the others because of our commitment to

quality, value, and construction with integrity.
Our mission is to facilitate integrity into every

retail construction project we manage. Maintaining a core group of customers and producing a

quality product is of greater importance than the number of stores completed each year.

Through this simple process we brand our organization as a conscientious commercial

contractor allowing us to give complete customer satisfaction and remain successful in the

industry. We appreciate our clients and will always promote construction with integrity.